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Product description

SpeediCath is the instantly ready to use catheter, that is simple and intuitive to use. No need to add water, lubrication or waiting for the coating to get activated. It does not get any faster or simpler than that.

SpeediCath is designed to increase comfort and minimise risk of urethral damage. The unique hydrophilic coating and the polished eyelets ensures an exceptionally smooth catheterisation both during insertion and withdrawal.

SpeediCath is both quick and easy to use. The ring-pull feature offers easy opening and the adhesive dot ensures that the catheter stays where it is placed.

Studies show that SpeediCath is preferred by users for its convenience, speed and discretion(1). SpeediCath is the proven and reliable catheter that has set the standard for catheterisation for almost 15 years. It is available in a variety of lengths and sizes to suit women, men and children.

The benefits of SpeediCath

• Instantly ready to use due to the unique hydrophilic coating
• Simple and intuitive to use
• Designed to reduce friction and increase comfort due to the hydrophilic coating and polished eyelets
• Ring-pull opening feature allows for easy opening
• Adhesive dot ensures the catheter stays where it is placed
• PVC- and phthalate-free, ensuring your health is never compromised and limiting environmental impact


1. Pascoe G, Clovis S. Evaluation of two coated catheters in intermittent self-catheterisation. Br J Nurs 2001: 10:325-329.

Key benefits

SpeediCath has a unique and patented hydrophilic coating.

Key benefits

The advanced hydrophilic coating consists of three elements:

1) Base coating: The base coating ensures the coating remains uniform
and evenly distributed during insertion and removal and prevents the top coating from rubbing off.

2) Top coating: The uniform top coating provides the optimal level of water absorption, making the surface extremely smooth and minimising friction.

3) Saline solution: SpeediCath is contained in a saline solution, ensuring the coating is always hydrated optimally and making them instantly ready to use.

SpeediCath also has polished eyelets to create smoother edges between eyelet and catheter surface, designed to minimise friction and risk of urethral trauma. Through a process developed specifically for SpeediCath, the edge of every eyelet is polished to create a soft and perfect transition between them and the catheter surface, ensuring maximum comfort when inserting and withdrawing the catheter.

SpeediCath is safe and easy to use. The hydrophilic coating and the polished eyelets provides for a safe, easy and convenient catherterisation.

SpeediCath is also PVC- and phthalate-free, ensuring your health is never compromised and limiting the environmental impact.

SpeediCath was the first instantly ready to use catheter to be introduced to the market almost 15 years ago. Since then it has been setting the standard for self catheterisation. The unique and patented hydrophilic coating ensures the catheter is ready to be used right out the packaging without adding water or lubrication.

The coating also covers the polished eyelets, ensuring a smooth catheter surface which minimises the risk of urethral damage.

The hydrophilic coating and the polished coated eyelets are on all SpeediCath catheters.