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Product description

SpeediCath Navi is the new instantly ready-to-use, soft catheter with a flexible tip for men. The flexible tip and the softness of the catheter aid gentle insertion and smooth passage through the natural curves and bends of the male urethra. The insertion grip makes the soft catheter easy to handle and supports clean, stepwise insertion.

Key benefits

The bead at the flexibile tip centres the soft catheter in the urethra for smooth insertion. The flexibility and softness of the tip and catheter support gentle catheterisation and enable easy navigation through the natural curves and bends of the urethra.

The insertion grip is designed to promote clean catheterisation, supporting easy handling and stepwise insertion without touching the tip or catheter. It is designed to provide a confident grip on the catheter, while keeping the uniform coating intact.

SpeediCath Navi is a single-use, hydrophilic coated catheter. It is packaged in a sterile saline solution, making it instantly ready to use. The uniform hydrophilic coating covers the catheter and eyelets for smooth insertion and withdrawal, with minimal friction.