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A stoma bag that’s a good fit is the key to moving freely. With the widest range and unique BodyFit Technology®, SenSura® Mio makes it easier to find the right fit so you can bend, stretch and twist with confidence.

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Is your stoma on a regular area?

If the area around your stoma is level with your abdomen, the flat SenSura Mio could be right for you. The elastic adhesive offers a secure fit and follows body movement.

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Is your stoma on an inward area?

If the area around your stoma sinks into your abdomen, you could benefit from SenSura Mio Convex. It helps to seal and protude the stoma into the bag and responds to movement due to the integrated flexlines.

The fit is the difference

BodyFit Technology is an advanced elastic adhesive unique to SenSura Mio. It responds naturally to body movement, allowing you to move freely. Whether you twist, bend or stretch, your SenSura Mio will stay securely in place.

Twist, bend and stretch with SenSura Mio

Try the flat SenSura Mio for free

Mesha can move freely with the flat SenSura Mio

When he got his ileostomy, Mesha began sharing how his stoma bag helps him carry out his passions instead of holding him back. He now has a global community of millions of followers. The area around his stoma is regular, so he uses SenSura Mio.

Try SenSura Mio Convex for free

Katia loves her SenSura Mio Convex

Katia enjoys swimming, walking her dog and riding her motorbike in the mountains. She doesn’t let her stoma get in the way of her lifestyle. The area around her stoma sinks into her abdomen, so she uses SenSura Mio Convex.