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Brava Protective Seal

Need increased protection?
The new Brava® Protective Seal Convex has you covered.

Customise your convexity

  • Double adhesive layers provide high tack, skin-friendliness and erosion-resistance
  • Absorbs moisture to help keep skin healthy
  • Helps your skin maintain a good pH balance
  • Shapable to your individual stoma
  • Available in 6 different sizes for different needs and stoma sizes


Does your stoma need increased support?

If your stoma sits at or below skin level, or you have folds, creases or scars, you could benefit from the new Brava Protective Seal Convex. It’s designed to provide convexity to the area around your stoma, with double adhesive layers that give you protection against leakage.

Watch our film to see how to prepare, apply and remove Brava Protective Seal Convex as part of your normal routine.