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Product description

SenSura® Mioprovides better fit to body and optimal discretion due to the many innovative features.

Key benefits:

  • Elastic adhesive for a secure fit to individual body shapes
  • Neutral grey textile for optimal discretion and an honest look
  • Full-circle filter for proven reduction of ballooning

With SenSura Mio 1-piece closed, the elastic adhesive is permanently fixed to the pouch. To change the pouch, the whole appliance is removed and replaced. SenSura Mio 1-piece closed is available in a broad range of flat baseplates consisting of various pre-cut holes or hole sizes which can be customized, with pouches in a variety of sizes available in transparent or neutral grey, or even with inspection window.

No two bodies are the same. Real people have real bodies that come in different sizes and shapes – and the shapes change both during the day and when we move around. Tha's why it's a challenge to find an appliance that fits.SenSura Mio fits individual body shapes and follows natural body movements, so it maintains a secure fit.

The magic lies in the elasticity of the adhesive; it can stretch and retract. Skin has a natural elasticity that helps it bend and stretch when the body moves. Like skin, SenSura Mio is elastic, so it simply bends and stretches with your skin when your body moves.

SenSura Mio will make you feel secure, so you can be confident performing your everyday activities, even in a social context.

The new SenSura Mio looks different from any other ostomy pouch, as it is designed to optimize discretion and provide an honest look.

Unlike other ostomy products, SenSura Mio is made of a material that we normally wear on the body, i.e. textile material. It is soft and comfortable against the skin, it provides low friction against clothes and it does not feel wet after taking a shower. In addition, the textile material makes the ostomy pouch look more like a piece of clothing than a medical device.The colour of SenSura Mio is chosen among hundreds of colours to find exactly the colour that optimizes discretion under all clothing colours- even white.SenSura Mio does not try to imitate the body. It is an honest product, a personal accessory that optimizes discretion so you can feel confident.

New filter for a better night’s sleep

ave you ever had problems with your ostomy pouch ballooning? The new full-circle filter has a unique prefilter that is designed to reduce this problem.The job of the prefilter is to protect the carbon and membrane, as those two parts are very vulnerable to faeces. Therefore, the full-circle filter clogs less frequently, so the airflow through the filter lasts longer and you experience reduced ballooning.Actually, the full-circle filter has proven to reduce ballooning by up to 61%. The full-circle filter will improve discretion and help you sleep better at night.